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Classic Wallflower Creative

Classic Wallflower Creative


A.J. Ogden (aka: the Juiceman)

I spent the first half of my design education in Salt Lake City attending the University of Utah, but to be honest, it turned into chasing winter storms more than attending class.

Having successfully achieved the snow bum lifestyle, I moved to Boise, Idaho to attend Boise State University where I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic design.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest enjoying all four seasons it mercilessly pushes on it’s residents. From snowboarding to skateboarding to surfing to even golf, my passions have involved a sideways approach.

With those hobbies continually influencing me, my design works to maintain order, precision, and cleanliness with a hint of chaos. This mindset allows me to always be pushing what the mainstream will accept. This ultimately sets my work, and my clients’ business, above and beyond the ordinary. (#shamelessbrag)





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